Car nets since 1992 Satisfied or reimbursed Further clarifications ... if you have any doubts, please send us your request by e-mail to , or call us at 059/820706 .

We look forward to hearing from you in the hope of being of service! All ERGOTECH dog barriers are guaranteed against all manufacturing defects for 2 years from the date of purchase. If for any reason the product does not correspond to what you expected, you are entitled to return it within one month of receipt. Possible non-conformity to the order ERGOTECH has been producing car nets since 1992 and today ERGOTECH dog guards are also chosen by the ITALIAN POLICE: .

This is, in our opinion, the best guarantee! Transporting dogs . Dog Guard. Pet Barrier . Car barrier. Dog barrier. Car Guard for dogs . Luggage Barrier . Car Divider. Car barrier WARRANTY For our metal + mesh dividers we use only high-tenacity nylon mesh with knotted meshes (not a marginal detail) arranged in a diamond pattern. Nylon is resistant to UV rays. (Nylon is UV resistant (so it does not age prematurely when exposed to the sun) and the diamond-shaped meshes are less annoying than square meshes when reversing towards exposed brick walls because the lines of the mesh and the brickwork do not overlap and do not create focusing problems for the driver.

The special assembly process ensures that the net is particularly taut to the point that it cannot be 'torn' by dogs while retaining reasonable flexibility in the event of impact.

However, the warranty is also extended to this component, so that if for any reason the net should break for any reason within two years of purchase, it will be replaced free of charge with a new one. Only transport costs will be charged to you.

Within ten days of receipt of the product, you will be credited with the amount you have paid minus 10 euros for the return shipping costs. All you have to do is inform us of this decision and send it to us carriage forward by the courier indicated by us.

What do customers think? To give you this information we have included a link in the site: . On this page, we have included some comments from customers, but it is clear that we could have modified them in our favour, although I assure you that this is not the case and that they are all absolutely original. In order to dispel any doubts, we have decided to sell some products on eBay, throughout Europe!

Feedback on eBay cannot be counterfeited and I hope it can be of help to you! Via Mons. Pistoni, 51 - 41100 Modena - Tel 059/820706 - Fax 059/820708 - - e-mail: Quality of the network All you have to do is inform us of the non-conformity and send us the product or the non-conforming part of the product freight collect, i.e. at our expense, with the courier that will be indicated by us.

Within three working days of receipt of the non-conforming goods, the corrected goods will be returned to you carriage paid.

If the packaging does not contain what you have ordered, or if the product does not correspond to the product ordered, or if the content or part of the content does not correspond to what is regularly provided for that particular product, the product itself or the incorrect component will be replaced at no cost to you, including transport.

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